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There are monsters out there. They bolt toward land and attack our shores with the full force of the ocean. This is big wave surfing. For it to be considered big wave surfing, a surfer must tackle a wave of at least 20 feet 6. Many lives have been taken in the process, but big wave surfing has only surged in popularity and in our manual to XXL surfing, we reveal the smaller elements of riding the bigger waves. Big wave surfers will book tickets to most parts of the globe. October to February is the best swell window for surfing big waves in Portugal when the North Atlantic swells smash the coast.
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Nazaré probably is the most powerful beach break. The Portuguese big wave surfing spot is as exciting as it will test your limits - as a surfer and as a human. A surfer rides a huge wave off the coast of Nazare, Portugal. is considered the biggest wave ever ridden, topping out at 80 feet (24 meters) off.
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On the face of the wave, veined as it is with tiny lines of white, there's one thin line that stands out from the rest. There, streaking diagonally in the center of the frame, is the wake left by a man so small compared with the giant he is riding that he is all but unfindable with the naked eye. On Saturday, at the World Surf League's Big Wave Awards , the Brazilian surfer's wave was declared the biggest ever surfed — at a whopping 80 feet tall.
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Big wave surfers have learned to prepare for the big occasions. You are not born a big wave rider, but you may become one. They share the commandments of the big wave surfer. What's on their minds when it's time to paddle for the biggest rides of their lives? The problem is that, if you wipeout, you will take the entire set on the head. If you get caught by the wave or if you wipeout, don't resist the power of the whitewash.
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    If you've decided to give it a go, and potentially ride the wave of a lifetime, then make sure to tick the following boxes.

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    Big wave surfing is a discipline within surfing in which experienced surfers paddle into or are towed onto waves which are at least 20 feet 6.

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